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Do you think of leadership as a job title?

For a number of years now, I look at leadership as the way we move through life. Whether we recognise it or not, we’re all leaders in our own lives, in our families, communities, in our professional or social circles.

Leadership is not just a work title.

So how do we ensure we show up as leader in all parts of our lives?

It first starts with us deciding what our values are, what do we stand for, what is important to us and then we model, we show up with integrity and we lead by example.

People will emulate your behaviour, always.

Children won’t do what you tell them to do but what you show them, likewise your employees will follow suit.

I like what Adam Grant says about leadership and it rings true to me:

The first rule of leadership — put your mission above your ego

The second rule of leadership — if you don’t care about your people, they won’t care about your mission

The third rule of leadership — if someone has to tell you the first two rules, you’re not ready to lead yet

So it comes down to us first and foremost and whatever mission we’re on we have to leave our ego aside whilst carrying for the people who are supporting us in our mission, to a certain extent or another.

We show up for us and we show up according to our values, even when it feels scary or rather, more so when it feels scary.

We show up with courage, confident humility, gratitude, joy, great energy, empathy.

We don’t present a picture perfect ideal that is not attainable.

Why not?

Because it is destructive and not conducive to learning and growth.

We take responsibility when we make mistakes and we own it, because the reality is:

At times, the lines become blurry, there is no right or wrong — there is right for that particular situation with the tools you had in the given moment. It might be that a few weeks, months or years down the line you’re better equipped and the decision you took a while back doesn’t feel right anymore and that’s okay.

You show up with integrity and own that truth. Because you ultimately understand that it’s all about having the courage and integrity to show up and be the best you can be in any given moment

..whilst always remembering the best version today we’ll be different than the best version next day, week, month, year, and that’s okay — you’re becoming.

I wholeheartedly believe that if more of us had the strength to show up authentically, with courage, kindness, whilst putting our egos aside, we will have healthier businesses, families, relationships, communities and social circles — ultimately, we will be changing the world, together…one step at a time.

As I type this, I recognise how idealistic it might sound and I know from my own experience and that of others that is truly possible.

It does take courage and it does take the collective to make it happen on a bigger scale.

It does take overcoming challenges and fighting ideologies.

It is your responsibility and it comes down to these simple, yet not easy questions:

How do you want to show up every day?

How do you want to inspire others?

What can you do today to contribute to the collective and give back? (however big or small)

And how do you want to positively influence not just yourself but everyone around you?

For me, as a woman in the world, and thinking of all the progress women ahead of me have made, I am grateful to all of them for having fought this battle to get us to where we are today. And there is so much more left for us to do!

I see it as my duty to contribute to this, to push things forward and pave the way not just for myself but for others too, for younger generations and women all over the world who haven’t been exposed to the same opportunities and aren’t as privileged.

It’s my duty to redefine possible, to lead and empower as many people as I can and.

As usual, I’d love to hear your throughs 😃

What is the space you want to mostly impact?

And how are you ensuring you’re taking steps towards that every day?

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