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I’ve been contemplating this as of late…I’ve noticed this behaviour time and time again, over the years, in various settings— business, professional or personal life.

Simply put…WE WANT the Magic Pill…we lose our patience, we want to become slimmer, wealthier, sexier, more confident, smarter…overnight!

We look at others and envy…

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A few weeks ago, I was giving a graduation speech for my fabulous data talents here at DataU.

My awesome team ensured that they had everything ready, all I needed to do was show up, take the photos and give a speech. Pretty easy, right?! …

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Do you think of leadership as a job title?

For a number of years now, I look at leadership as the way we move through life. Whether we recognise it or not, we’re all leaders in our own lives, in our families, communities, in our professional or social circles.


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A few weeks ago, I really needed time away from everything. I was craving nature time, walking, cycling, spending time on my own with my journal and books.

I really needed the space for myself. I wanted to be in stillness, clarify my thoughts or rather hear myself better and…

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What are some things you wish you’d have learned sooner in life?

I have so many…once I start my long list, I am sure we’ll be here a while (maybe this can become a series!!)

Let’s start with the obvious.

If you know me a bit or might have read…

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Every time I feel conflicted or I am going through something emotionally or mentally, I write.

And then I journal and talk to close friends (my therapist!) to clarify my thinking.

I am not sure if this is everyone’s process or if it’s just me… but that part is irrelevant.

Facing challenging situations is always hard and it can make us feel anxious, fearful, erratic, angry, neurotic, depressed…you get the point! Combine that with a pandemic and you have the perfect cocktail for disaster. The reality of COVID-19 and its implications on the economy are massive; this has triggered what…

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Growth is never easy…nor it’s meant to be.

It’s definitely not a smooth sail, it doesn’t feel comfortable and at times it’s such a rollercoaster of emotions — you don’t even realise that in this crazy whirlwind you’re actually growing.

One day you’re over the moon with excitement, you’re energised…

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Human nature is colourful, beautiful, quirky, complex, eclectic and also hard, messy, frustrating, a fusion of everything, a puzzle with millions of pieces that won’t fit together no matter how hard one might try.

Since I can remember, I was told that I am good with people, or that people…

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How do you feel when you fail? Like any good human being, you probably feel pretty miserable about it or even allow it to define you.

Or maybe you’re the anomaly whose first response is “Bring it, I want more!”.

I’d love to tell you, I am the anomaly but…

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Learner with relentless positivity. Love all things related to behaviour science, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindset & growth. find me

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